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      Again the Academy has excelled itself in IGCSE and A Level. An outstanding achievement was that nearly half of all grades where A* or A – the best results in three years and 11 subject had 50% or more of their grades at A* or A. At AS 79% of all entries were at A – E, whilst a third of all grades were at A, an increasing trend over the last three years. At A2 grades A*to E reached the highest level in three years at 94%, with 33% of all grades at A*or A, an 11% increase compared to 2015 – a remarkable achievement. Oshwal bucks the trend as record numbers of A*- A recorded compare most favorably with the UK where these grades have dropped by as much as 26%. Half of all the subjects achieved 100% pass rate’s at A*– E with 15 out 16 subjects achieving over 80%.

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