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      Onward, You Citizens of the World

      It is kids that run the show at the Nursery Musical Extravaganza and Graduation. The four-to-six-year-olds put on moving performances as they sang and danced their hearts away. Parents, of course, could not control their pride and excitement.

      The event saw 130 children graduate to Primary in style as they were awarded merit certificates, certificates of goal achievement and medals.

      A key highlight was the goal achievement certificate which recognizes the learner for a certain personal character like respect, resilience, cooperation, reciprocity, resourcefulness and reflectiveness, observed and closely monitored by teachers during the course of study.

      Speaking during the ceremony, the head of Oshwal Academy Nairobi Nursery School Munira Adamjee said the school’s pre-unit practical training had equipped the children with crucial life skills.

      “Motivation and engagement has been our major driving force towards a fruitful training,” she said. “We gear our teaching methods towards ensuring that the learners adapt to the fast-changing education world.”

      Mrs Adamjee urged parents to be good role models to their children to shape good character in them.

      The Chairman of Oshwal Educational and Relief Board, Mr. Nitin Malde said that co-curricular activities like sports and performing arts enhances learning and builds confidence among young children.

      “Children are flowers. Let’s together make the world a beautiful place by helping them blossom and achieve reach their full potential,’’ said Mr. Malde.

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