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      LEGO at OAM

      Oshwal Academy Mombasa (OAM) campus has launched a LEGO Centre to boost teaching and learning through the use of technology. The school has made a significant investment in equipment, training and the learning environment to set up the LEGO Centre.

      Ms Jackline Aming’a, Head Teacher says that the LEGO lessons are aimed at stimulating creativity among learners. “The LEGO lessons have generated a lot of excitement among the learners, and their teachers. It provides novelty and opportunities for learners to explore, create and collaborate to create a product.”

      She said LEGO seamlessly links to learning goals for numeracy, literacy, science and technology and brings three-dimensional reality to abstract learning concepts.

      Although it is in its initial phase of implementation for Kindergarten to Year 8 learners, the LEGO Centre has even become an attraction to senior students who have taken a keen interest in experimenting with it and using it to make sense of abstract concepts in subjects such as Physics.

      Mrs Alisha Kassamali a LEGO Champion at the school, said: “It is fulfilling to see the learners get so engrossed in thinking, creating, designing, reading and following the picture prompts so independently.”

      The LEGO Center provides a range of resources that will enable teachers to deliver projects and lessons focused on the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) that are important for many careers in today’s rapidly advancing world. With a broad base of study modules aimed at assisting students from Nursery through to Sixth Form, the Center has been designed to encourage students to be passionate about learning.

      LEGO Education enhances problem-solving skills as children manipulate the tools in the process of constructing and dismantling them.

      Oshwal Academy teachers have already undergone the requisite training to use LEGO as a teaching tool. “Those of us in education are aware of the dynamism of the industry and must move in step with the transformations in it,” says Mrs Aming’a.

      Unlike most technological tools, LEGO has been developed for education and goes beyond dissemination of knowledge to the development of skills. Children who have kinaesthetic or visual tendencies – who learn from ‘seeing and doing’ – will benefit from LEGO education will help them learn faster.

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