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      Why Oshwal Academy

      Oshwal Academy is a private co – educational group of schools for children aged 1½ years to 18 years. Our 5 campuses in Nairobi and Mombasa are very special places and we are continuously celebrating success in academics, music, drama, sports and so much more.

      3600 students enrolled

      500 staff members

      We are guided by the British Curriculum that is built on innovative teaching and learning practices and that prioritises the balance between body and mind through trips and extensive extra-curricular programs. Our schools have many wonderful qualities, from committed, innovative and diligent students and staff to a very supportive parent body.

      We are dedicated to ensuring that every student receives an exceptional education.

      We will continue to be a beacon of academic excellence, but most importantly our students will learn the lessons of greatest worth: self-governance, the integrity of character and to care for others.

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