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      Disability Is Not Inability

      The annual inter-special sports extravaganza was held on 11th March 2017 at the Primary grounds in a day that, once again, children proved the fundamental principle that disability is not inability.

      The sports extravaganza sponsored by Oshwal Education and Relief Board (OERB), engaged children with special needs in various sporting activities including athletics and field events. It was a heart-warming display of talent and determination as parents, teachers and students cheered on various teams.

      “Previously, private schools have been invited to this event,” said Mr. Benson Mutiku, Strategic Leader of the IED at Oshwal Academy Nairobi. “Instead of inviting private schools, we have invited four special needs public schools catering children from humble backgrounds,” he said.

      The schools represented were Treeside Special School, Mathare Special Training Centre, Jacaranda Special School and Kabete Vet. Lab Primary School Special Unit, all from within Nairobi County. The theme of this years’ event was ‘Give Me the Opportunity’ – Every Child and Young Person with Special Needs Deserves a Chance.

      As the games got under way, special abilities quickly gave way to seamless team work. The realisation that students could do more with their legs and arms seemed to fuel their fighting spirits, moving the crowds to tears and cheers.

      Oshwal Academy Nairobi, Inclusive Education Department organizes, sponsors and hosts the event and caters for children with special needs. 2017 marks the sixth year the event is being held, where each school had up to 35 students in the competition.

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