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      Our mission is to be a dynamic supportive learning environment providing an inclusive, holistic educational experience that cultivates knowledge, skills, leadership, and self-directed learning in a global society.

      3,600 students

      500 staff

      Welcome to our website!
      I hope you can get the very real sense that Oshwal Academy is a fantastic place to be and as a school community it is second to none.

      I am deeply honoured to be part of an organization with such a significant heritage spanning over 75 years that lays its actions firmly in providing relief and education to those who need it.

      The moral imperative that drives our organization very much sets the tone of what we aim for and that is very much to do with producing well-rounded compassionate future leaders capable of changing the world for the better.

      We do believe each and every child has a right to a high quality education. We will do this by making sure that we remain focused on improving the quality of learning in the classroom; a task that does not have an end but a journey that involves students, teachers and parents in partnership.

      My responsibility as the Director of Education is about ensuring that our strategic objectives are properly implemented and the quality of what we do is as good as could ever be.

      My approach is to lead, motivate and inspire continuous improvement, and to ensure that our children remain at the heart of everything we do. The only constant in the world today is change, and we are properly placed to rise to the challenge of making sure we remain relevant to our young people.

      After all, as adults, the responsibility is ours today but the future, very much belongs to our children.

      Best wishes

      Showkat Badat

      Director of Education

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