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      Our Board of Governors

      Chairman Board of Governors and Oversight Committee Kaushik B. Shah
      Chairman Teaching & Learning Steering Committee Dharmesh Chandulal Shah
      Chairman HR Committee Anup Chimanlal Bid
      Chairman Finance & Accounts Committee Sohin Shah
      Chairman Planning & Infrastructure, Health, Safety & Security Committee Sudhir Ratilal Shah
      Chairman Academic Affairs Committee Trusha Rajesh Shah
      Chairman VOB Committee Amit Harilal Gudka
      Chairman ICT Commitee Mital Mansukhlal Shah
      Chairman Sports & Co Curricular & Pastoral Care Parit Dipakkumar Shah
      Chairman Marketing & Communication Committee Neha Malde
      Governor Sagar Naresh Malde
      Secretary Njambi Kiritu
      IED Chairman, Academic Unit Associate Sandip Shah


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